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Everything posted by MarksmenManiac

  1. And...... SHOCKER.... The ice flyers OUT in the 1st round. How is this possible? They went out and got the bes T coach around. LOL #Karma
  2. Ice flyers

    LOL. As long as they have the bes T coach, they’ll be out in the 1st rd again.
  3. And... bes the bed... AGAIN !!!!
  4. And you’ve gotten this information from??
  5. I’d bet that you’ve never even bought a jersey, let alone a game worn at auction.
  6. Aren't we 1-12 since Bierchen took over though?
  7. A Win?

    But did they hire Marky on his birthday? I thought he was already a few years old when they saw him behind the crown on apr 7th last year. No?
  8. Omg! What is that coach thinking? He actually looks like he’s enjoying himself and making videos that are entertaining. Why would anyone in minor pro hockey EVER do anything that would actually entertain anyone? I’m calling the front office and DEMAND he be fired ! The audacity of these people in The Marksmen organization, trying to make entertaining videos that people actually enjoy. I am SO DISAPPOINTED.
  9. Fay/Evansville #44

    Notice the only people to put a heart on this post are the same people always posting negative stuff? Birds of a feather...
  10. Fay/Evansville #44

    Guess what... we had the 2nd best team in the league last year, AND NOBODY CARED! Nobody came to the games. The team went broke. The new guys bought the team in order to save it from folding. Winning is not synonymous with success. When will you guys get that? And who cares if they didn’t have the worst team in the league? They literally won 1 championship in 15 tries. That’s not success.
  11. Fay/Evansville #44

    I have To agree with you. These people literally come on here just to run their mouths. It’s embarrassing. I honestly Don’t know why the league even has this forum. All it is, is a hate filled forum. Sad.
  12. Fay/Evansville #44

    Kevin was the shepherd of 1 championship in 15 years!!! In 15 seasons as GM, we won 1 time. Come on guys. Get a grip.
  13. Did you forget that “Fayetteville Hockey History” equates 1 championship (over 10yrs ago) in 20 seasons? It’s not like we’ve been a hotbed for success on or off the ice. Might wanna climb down off that faux high horse you’re on.
  14. So you think Phil (6-18-4) shoulda had more time? LOL
  15. Go away Phil. Didn’t you get fired already?
  16. Lost control of the team? I saw Spano give up 4 awful goals in 9 minutes. That’s what I saw. I dont Think the coach can help a goalie when he no shows the game. The pk wasn’t terrible even though the pp was. Clearly needs work, but lost control?
  17. Phil, don’t you have a deck to build?
  18. I’ve been wondering why these moves didn’t take place weeks ago. Now I’ve heard all the disfunction with Phil’s mgmt and it all makes sense. Plus the owner was out for almost a month with a heart attack. As soon as he came back, he cleaned house. Good things comin boys and girls, I hope.
  19. In less than a week, with effective hockey ops mgmt, they’ve brought in 7 new players and got rid of 6 players that did not pruduce and or didn’t belong in the sphl period. Calm down. It’s better now and will continue to get better.
  20. Lol. The guy has had less than 2 practices with the team and got tossed into a 3 in 3 with arguably the best team in the league. Do you really expect a brand new coach to take a dead last place team and beat the best team in the league... with 2 days notice?
  21. This is almost exactly right... except that Phil had opportunities to bring in people when he got here. Unfortunately, his reputation is so bad, that no legitimate players, coaches, agents or anyone else with credibility in Hockey, would come here or send anyone here. If phil had improved the team just a little bit, he’d still have a job. But they got worse, then they got disfunctional and embarrassing, forcing ownership to make the necessary change. Very simple.
  22. Coach Phil Esposito Fired

    I think the more you write, the more evident it is that you have no idea what you’re talking about. Bierchen played collegiate hockey and was a back up goalie in sphl as well. But, you don’t have to be a player to be a good coach. You know how I know That??? google the name Scotty Bowman... he’s a pretty decent coach that never played high level hockey. I think his name is on a trophy somewhere. Oh yeah, it’s called the STANLEY CUP!!!! Like 10 times!!!!!!! The forum has so many smart people on it.
  23. Coach Phil Esposito Fired

    You seriously have zero clue what you’re talking about. Bremner was an ACHA Asst when he got the job in Roanoke and he’s doing quite well. Bierchen was an Asst in SPHL for 3 seasons, a Head Coach at ACHA Alabama (Not Asst) and then an Asst at ECHL Indy. That’s actually VERY qualified to be SPHL Head Coach. Smh
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