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Five Hole

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  1. Did something just freeze over?
  2. Farming may be more lucrative then playing hockey in Fay the next couple years. May be a good move for him.
  3. Those choices are pretty much the only choices but still makes one wonder why next year would be much different than this. I would bet if Espo was still there and givin the choice there would be a total team turnover with very few returning, Right choice? Wrong choice? Who knows but its obvious it wont matter what man sits behind this group, They just cant?dont play well together. Espo wanted to pull more FHL guys and had his hands tied and some on here even bitched but look at Peoria taking the Watertown young goalie and has like a 1.4 goal against in his first 6-7 games? Look at Roanoke coming out of the basement with many FHL pickups? Cant get much worse then this year i suppose?
  4. Thats pretty much the whole team that cant get it done now? Sounds like a great start to another great season next year.---
  5. You dont have to speculate..His hands were tied from the jump. Jr would have had a few ex and current FHL players working with him if he could have pulled the trigger. Its a fact that Phil is a hard arse coach and will say and tell anyone just how it is when it comes to playing for him and his past is in only the FHL but that past has been nothing but a positive and there is no doubt that if Phil is complaining about your play in public shows he could not do anything about it on the ice. If that was the case that player/players would not be present long enough to complain about in public.
  6. The players being called out for crappy play were the ones talking the loudest against the coach after being called out in public. I believe Phil waited to long to dump half the players on that team and as now which is being proven that the owners may have wanted to listen to their coach and not the players because as is shown weeks down the road that they still suck. Regardless who is in charge half of these players need to be replaced with up coming FHL players just like Roanoke did on their march to the playoffs. These players are pitiful playing together. 6-8 maybe worth keeping the rest back to lower leagues.
  7. Yeah which is long past due, Seems a coach did the same a while back and some were up in arms? In cases like this those that dont put out get called out and then thrown out. This team was long past due for total rebuild and that was put in public print. Love the fact that this just proves the point that this is not a coach issue and proves the agenda of a couple.
  8. Where is all the talk from coach hangers around here? Called for the last coaches head when he at least won a game here and there? What a joke this is turning into.
  9. Still enjoying watching those"FHL" guys that so many say cant get it done be a big part of Roanoke coming out of the basement headed towards the playoffs! As they go as far as signing one today.
  10. At this point in time he sure would have been the best to keep to do a rebuild thats for sure. He had the nads to come out and say publicly what and where the problem was and was slowly working on the issues...This year did not matter so there was sure no rush! Now even after a guy with little coaching success throws some away and picks up some new just to lose with bigger numbers everything Phil said is now 100% proven fact, He is the one with the last laugh on this one if anyone is laughing. You few that were slamming him using FHL players are now watching another coach using FHL players to skate into the playoffs. Yeah another one he is laughing at you for! Enjoy!
  11. Last coach gets grief for bringing up FHL players--Which are the ones making the noise on Roanoke's push- This coach trades out and releases the couple that were at least making some noise for this team? . I would guess the last coach is thinking that---I told Ya So-as he sits and watches the ship continue to sink.
  12. The past will repeat itself regardless. The 2 trades will be far from enough to turn this bus around. They may be a stone for next years fence.
  13. As they say....Cant Get Worse. Just love the wanting of the head of the last coach as being the problem. Would love to be sitting at a table with the 3 bench bosses so far this year and hear their thoughts of whats really wrong with this team. It's obvious what a lot of the problem is both in sight and as was described by the past coach. Total Revamp!
  14. Plenty of trips to the box, Could have been a lot worse. Like it matters at this point. One would wonder if this is a coach issue or just plain bad luck? Better be thinking abut #4 before its to late.
  15. Not a problem. Sure it will come around again soon enough.
  16. And yet with a different bench boss... The fools that think this team is a coaching problem are just that. 1st coach,2nd coach,3rd coach does not matter.. Yeah i know- Some will say its only been 2 games and some make a statement like=Oh it was a close loss and really a success. Just goes to show the true story yet again.
  17. Looks like there are 2-3 coaches over their head with this team. You and Pie-Hole should be calling for heads soon the way this is starting out... What Agenda You Say? Riiiiight!
  18. All one has to do is go back and read your past posts about this team as of late. I am sure we will see you complaining how bad this team is now even with a new coach in there now? I would guess not by your post yet just today...Cant wait to see your posts after the next couple losses.
  19. Yeah sounds like a big joke really. this same team just played and lost to a first place team 3-2 here a few days ago and you were all slamming the coach. Your post just shows the agenda you were pushing all along. Fact is nothing will change with this team regardless of who is behind the bench. Defense sucks and players do not play well together. Keep up the fake words....Your doing Great!
  20. Trade the guy that has shown up on the scoresheet game after game as of late ???
  21. Players proved they were not very good in many places, Maybe if they would listen to a coach they may improve themselves and team wise. Coach made it known public where the team was weak and they proved that themselves. There is no coach going to make this group of players turn into a good team. 3 weeks from now they will still only have another win or two with this new fill in coach. Team needs a total revamp.
  22. Gives you few so called fans time to gather up the ammo to sling at the next bench boss.
  23. He will have all the time needed to find the right chemistry for this team over the summer to start out fresh next season. Still gives you few so called fans time to jump on another teams bandwagon. I hear Peoria is now in first and looking for a couple cheerleaders?
  24. They know they cant keep dumping Coaches and trying again this late in the season. Look's like they may already be working on next years team? Regardless if its this coach or another new one i would guess they are thinking past this season.