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  1. Bowen for MVP. We'll see on Friday. I guess Hagaman, Levine or Plevy would be good selections, too.
  2. Who votes for the awards? Coaches, owners, Emanian?
  3. "So, if I'm reading this right, Drobot, who was here for 1 of the 3 years, still leads in penalty minutes?" You are reading it right. With Kallechy as coach Drobot will hold the record for awhile. That's a good thing--- for the wolves ready to jump on me. Just to show what I mean the leader in penalty minutes for one season in the 2 years under Kallechy is LeSage with 68 minutes. LeSage could match that number for 2 more seasons and still not reach Drobots 214 total penalty minutes he had in 2017/18. LeSage would have to play into a 4th season to get the record and we all know 4 years for a player in the SP is on the rare side.
  4. I agree with Quad City & Roanoke. Just to break a few hearts on here I'll say Roanoke would've won the President's cup.
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the lists this year. It should be interesting. Also, Emanian said in one of his articles that the league will announce league awards soon. If Bowen doesn't get one of the league wide awards he got robbed IMO.
  6. I was inspired by recent social media posts by Roanoke showing franchise leaders in certain statistical categories to create the same for the 3 year history of the Marksmen. Of course, the franchise itself goes back almost 20 years but I have no desire to track the stats back that far. My source is pointstreak and I merely totaled the yearly individual stats to come up with the Marksmen leaders. Again, it's just for the 2017/18, 2018/19 & 2019/20 Marksmen. I'll save goalie stats and individual season leaders for another time. Yes, boredom is setting in. Games Played 1. Travis Jeke 121 2. Jake Hauswirth 107 3. Max Cook 106 4. Tim Kelich 99 5. Brian Bowen 81 Goals Scored 1. Hauswirth 47 1. Bowen 47 3. Cook 30 4. Taylor McCloy 26 5. Darren McCormick 23 assists 1. Cook 78 2. Jeke 56 3. Hauswirth 55 4. Bowen 51 5. McCloy 39 Points 1. Cook 108 2. Hauswirth 102 3. Bowen 98 4. Jeke 68 5. McCloy 65 Shots 1. Hauswirth 488 2. Jeke 447 3. Bowen 336 4. Cook 251 5. Kelich 233 Penalty Minutes 1. Brad Drobot 214 2. Jeke 151 3. Ludlow Harris, Jr. 110 4. Brad Campagna 106 5. Cook 100
  7. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be a health care worker in this environment. I have so much respect and admiration for the sacrifices being made, up to and including death. God bless all of you. One very troubling thing happening in our country is the fact many people still are not taking this serious (Liberty Univ., crowded beaches, crowded church services in Florida and other places, just to name a few). Come on- shelter in place now folks so maybe this thing will play out and we can watch some SPHL hockey starting in October (not to mention maybe getting back to a normal life).
  8. RIP. He was always my favorite trotter.
  9. I guess this twitter post, at least the part about his salary, was originally meant as humor. On March 17, on the final coaches show Norris said "I work here for free" and I have never taken one single penny from the team." Those comments can be found around the 8 minute to 8:30 mark in the video available on facebook. It's good to see the remaining employees will be getting paid for now.
  10. Sorry, that statement was basically an inside joke. A couple of my FAY comrades on here get it.
  11. "I'm a fan and love our team. I might not always be happy about some decisions personnel wise or how we are playing. That doesn't mean I hate the team or disrespecting anybody. But as a fan you should be able to talk about your team without everyone taking everything so personal" I believe the same. What took me by surprise 2 years ago when the Marksmen put a putrid product on the ice and a few people came on here to express our feelings. Personally, I never thought the team owner or players or anyone connected to the team would give 2 hoots as to what some random person would have to say on this forum whether it be good or bad. Before you know it we were being called haters. Nothing could've been further from the truth. I did learn though that SPHL hockey is suppose to be about the experience-- that is until your team starts winning and then it becomes about winning.
  12. I read it as if the funds aren't there the Marksmen would cease to exist, period. Norris is not going to move the team. He lives in/near Charlotte and is a family man. There is no place to move that would put him closer to his home base. If a buyer exist for the Fayetteville team they haven't stepped forward. If Norris can't fund the team a buyer would need to be found to keep them alive in Fayetteville as the Marksmen or another name.
  13. When I was reading the article I was floored by his need to pat himself on the back. To each his own I guess.
  14. Things are pretty quiet (coronavirus wise) so far in Fayetteville. Unless something drastic happens soon the 3 games scheduled against Peoria this weekend should go on as scheduled. I see your point and I believe at this point anything is possible looking ahead a few days to weeks.
  15. The award could've went to Bowen just as easily. 7 points in 3 games on the road at a top half of the standing team vs the winner's 7 points at home against 2 of the bottom 4. What am I thinking?- the dude plays for Peoria.
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