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  1. I have been told by a little birdie to expect some major turnover with the Marksmen roster from last year to this year. You never know how things will eventually wind up though so I'll take a wait and see approach. First player movement looks like Nolan Sheeran has signed to play in the France2 league for the coming season. A lot of Kallechy's hopes (from his radio show) have been put on taking last years rookies and getting the benefit of that experience on this years team. Losing Sheeran has to be a disappointment. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/135020/nolan-sheeran
  2. Very well stated and I can't disagree with a word. But coming from a follower of the team in Fayetteville for several years it just doesn't work for me to pretend the past didn't happen. Could the team rebrand again and erase a 10th and 8th place finish? I kid!
  3. Player signing announcements should start this week if last year can be used as a guide. First signee was Jake Hauswirth on, I think June 18th. Shawn we know you check in here at times. Keep your chin up, brother. You are one of the few bright spots.
  4. IMO it was just a poorly worded headline. Owner Art Clarkson gives up day to day operation of the Bulls would have made more sense but ART CLARKSON LEAVES BIRMINGHAM BULLS gets more clicks.
  5. Art Clarkson Leaves the Birmingham Bulls Agreed. But with the attached title to the article it gives the appearance he no longer has an ownership interest in the team. Unfortunately, it is one of those stories that all the fans of the league will get is crickets. Is Birmingham folding?
  6. Article is from 6/10/17 but I knew what you meant. The recent quotes from Norris puts an interesting twist on what he said 2 years later. His comments went from "He's a pro...did his job and did it well" to he's a "liar, cheater and scumbag." It's interesting when you put all of the comments from 2017 and 2019 together it comes out as I know he was cheating but I was disappointed we couldn't re-sign him. “They made me an offer — and it was a decent offer — but ultimately, I needed to look for something closer to home and be with my family,” Jeff Bes said. “That’s how it’s supposed to work. I’ve been away from them and I need to be home.” Said Norris, who bought the FireAntz in mid-March and renamed them, said he understood Bes’ decision. “I have three young children and I respect that,” Norris said, adding that a search for a replacement will begin Monday. He said the Marksmen have not been “kicking the tires on anybody” as a possible replacement in the hopes that Bes would return. “I like Bes a lot and I’m disappointed we couldn’t re-sign him, but life goes on,” Norris said. “He was a pro. He got us through the end of the season, did his job and did it well.”
  7. Trying to wrap my head around what this means. Art Clarkson is/was the owner of the Bulls. Do the Bulls have a new owner? Any thoughts?
  8. The Marksmen have a survey on their web site looking for suggestions to improve the entertainment experience among other things for next season. My suggestion is first time Evansville is at the Crown have Bes vs Norris between the ropes UFC style at center ice during the first intermission. The place would be packed. If you are going to talk the talk then walk the walk. Lets do this, Marksmen.
  9. It's on twitter- minor league rando
  10. You nailed it. If you live in a dysfunctional house you shouldn't be throwing personal insults around. Of course, the person throwing those insults has every right to do so as classless as it may be.
  11. There was a bombshell tweet from an owner in the SPHL about his views on Bes and his hiring. I guess the tweet has been deleted but a screenshot is circulating on facebook. I hope it's all a fabrication because if real the SPHL has stumbled into FHL territory. IMHO, of course.
  12. Cook was protected last year. http://thesphl.com/view/thesphl/news/news_504242 In theory he could still sign with FAY.
  13. The list was pretty much as I expected. I'm surprised Johansson wasn't protected as he only just turned 26 and just completed his rookie year. It's not unusual though for a player to be one year and done with pro hockey and he could have told the coach that in the exit interview.. Even though Jeke expressed an interest in playing in Europe (according to the coach) I guess it's a good idea to protect his rights. WIth Hauswirth on the list I can at least have hope I'll get to follow him for one more year. Cook was a good player and will be missed.
  14. Agree pitch. My original post did not ask the organization to explain why they make any personnel moves. If Worrell is no longer with the organization and they didn't see a need to publicly wish him well in his next venture that just gives the impression the train cars are still piling up.
  15. Ok. Without further ado my full list. Of course without the benefit of exit interviews it's just a wag. I submit this for entertainment purposes (my own) and not to try to run the team or tell the coach what to do or any other nonsense the organization can think of. Bowen, McCormick, Cook, Sheeran, McCloy, C.Brown, Mazurek, Kielich, Wilbur, McMartin, Thacker, Johansson, Pawloski I wasn't going to protect a goalie but I had an extra spot after the skaters were picked. I didn't protect Jeke, Palmer and Melkert for reasons stated above. I didn't select Hauswirth. In my opinion he has been the best all-around player in Fayetteville hockey history (my history anyway which goes back to 2011/12). If he still wants to play I would hope the organization would give him a chance to sign elsewhere or sign back with Fayetteville if he chooses. He has earned the right to have freedom of choice I didn't select Pryce because he seemed like the odd man out at the end of the year. Yim wasn't around long enough to get consideration. I didn't select Kelley even though if he sticks with it he should do well in the league.
  16. Worrell brought credibility to a franchise that previously had none. That's one reason I can think of for why he was hired. As SHG said above he was a true asset to the community and team.
  17. I just noticed Peter Worrell is no longer listed as Asst. Coach on the Marksmen.com web site. I guess we missed the press release with the announcement and thanking him for the work?? I put question marks 'cause I don't want this to look like I'm speculating anything.
  18. Based on the final coaches show 3 who may not be on it are Jeke, Melkert and Palmer. I believe the coach said Melkert was done, Jeke wants to explore his options in Europe and Palmer isn't sure what he wants to do. Of course they could use a spot to protect the rights of any or all of these 3. A source says Hauswirth might be done. As far as I'm concerned they could protect only Cody Brown and bring in 18 new players just like him.
  19. SHG is not being the grammer police here. She and at least one other person is just curious what AuburnAl wanted to say before auto-correct took over!
  20. So wouldn't that technically mean the Fireantz folded and the Marksmen were an expansion team? It all seems like semantics to me. I'm sure it all means something to Norris but not much to anyone else.
  21. Attendance announced numbers dropped 25%. MarksmenOwner said on this forum on Dec. 7, 2018 referring to last years attendance -- "the numbers announced were basically a made up number."
  22. What is up with Max Cook? He's one of the Marksmen's better players but he spent 10 minutes (5 minors) in the penalty box last night. He only had 31 PIM's in 48 games during the regular season. It's time to be more disciplined not less. If they allow 7 power play chances again tonight it will make it even tougher on a tired Pawloski.
  23. For the statisticians in the crowd. Goal #1 the secondary assist should go to Hauswirth (not McCormick) and on goal #3 the secondary assist should go to Cody Brown (not McMartin). Source: video replay. Carry on. Edited to add: the "official" stats on pointstreak have been changed to reflect what I had posted originally.
  24. The Fayetteville coach was quoted in today's paper as saying he thinks Huntsville is the best team in the league. Nothing like a little bulletin board material for a team that was 4-0 against them with a 21 - 6 advantage in goals scored in the regular season. My prediction for the 2 games are now at 7-1 and 8-0 Birmingham. Looking forward to more exciting visiting team hockey next year.
  25. On the Coaches show last night Kallechy said the move to pick up Pawloski and release Perry was made "because he believes the move improves the team." He admitted he could be right or he could be wrong but it was his decision to make and he made it. The audio of all of the coaches shows are available on the Marksmen web site.
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