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Everything posted by Canucks13
  1. Any word if a NASCAR driver will be making an appearance like last year?
  2. I’m not saying I’ve heard any specific person say they’re getting tired of the team not performing well. What I mean is, eventually the general public is going to catch on to the frequent use of “just wait until next year” and then stop supporting the team. I know this league is very different from other leagues and in some cases certain things are out of the hands of those in charge but from day one I constantly heard about how Roanoke is going to do things right to attract the top talent but in my opinion we do not have top talent right now. I’m sure it takes a while but Roanoke is in need of a first line or at least one player that is a scoring threat any time they’re on the ice.
  3. I think the Dawgs front office talks a good game but it’s rare that they deliver. Because of that I honestly think that hockey is not going to have a long future in Roanoke. People are getting tired of hearing about how great the team is going to be and then it never happens. I hate to be negative but after going to other SPHL arenas and seeing their product on the ice, in game entertainment, souvenirs, etc I really feel that Roanoke is way behind in most of these categories. Now, on the other hand, it seems like Roanoke has a hard time getting quality players that do not get called up and that can hurt a lot. The Dawgs have never really had a player that is a true scoring threat and has never had a player that is consistently physical. They did with Fox and Economos but it doesn’t look like they are ever coming back. Also, this month long road trip cannot be easy on the team either. Do other teams have a similar stretch of games where they’re away for a month? Is this the end of the world? No. Will I continue to support the team and be a season ticket holder? Of course! But, something needs to be done and getting rid of Bremner is not the solution, I think he’s a good coach but he’s just can’t get anything going with the team he has. It seemed like last year he was quick to get rid of players that didn’t meet his standard. Maybe he has relaxed on that or maybe there are no replacement players available or maybe management doesn’t want him doing that? A lot of this is speculation and opinion but I really hope the team does something to fix the problem rather than just give the traditional Roanoke response of “just wait until next year!” Lastly, I hope whatever the response is I hope it isn’t a knee jerk response.
  4. I've never felt like that is the best way to get information out there in this day and age. I am aware that Greg Roberts covers the Dawgs really well but if it were not for this website I would not know the interviews existed. The Dawgs social media needs to pick up the slack.
  5. Maybe Bremner doesn't have an interest in that or likes to keep things quiet? Either way, the Dawgs are really falling behind when it comes to keep fans informed about most everything.
  6. I agree as well. I feel like I often have no idea what is going on with the team. I wish the team would put out more stuff than a driving with the Dawgs episode every few weeks. While, I like those videos I do wish they’d talk about more things that are relevant, I guess. Even though I have season tickets and check this website often I sometimes forget that Roanoke has a team. Of course, I’m being a bit dramatic but it has to feel that way for more casual fans.
  7. Not really an excuse but at least this team is still way better than anything Ftorek ever did.
  8. If I was Bremner I would not bring Schwartz back next season. He is a good player and Roanoke needs all the help they can get right now but because of his actions we have to survive the rest of the season and playoffs without him. It's probably going to be difficult to find a good replacement at this point in the season.
  9. Fair point about individuals that are lactose intolerant! Of course I am not going to stop going to games or being a season ticket holder because of a promotion. I haven't even tried to redeem a ticket for a biscuit and I think I only got the slice of pizza once or twice. I guess I am a little bias towards Roanoke Bojangles locations because the owner is a complete jerk.
  10. The best solution is to bring back the Benny Marconi's promotion. It hits a wider audience since a chicken biscuit is not kind to those that are vegetarian.
  11. Maybe each team will play a half rink/field game at the same time. That would be a pretty good value, two games for the price of one!
  12. Did anyone else see Bremner walk off the ice? Man, he was pissed! I would love to know what he said to the team after the game. There was no reason for Roanoke to lose that game. Is Evansville that bad of a team? I know their record would say so but do they have a tough schedule since they’re closer to Peoria? I didn’t think they looked like a last place team, they were definitely better than the Dawgs during the Ftorek days!
  13. The guy that owns most of the Roanoke Bojangles is a jerk. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s behind that. He’s on a crusade to shut down the Roanoke Wildlife Center so I wouldn’t put it past him to not honor a free biscuit promotion.
  14. Very interesting, I was always curious as to why that was the case. Concerts are getting better in Roanoke and there are definitely more choices. The Harvester would be a cool venue if they didn't have acts well past their prime charging $50-$100 for a ticket.
  15. To each their own but I’d rather have access to hockey!
  16. Could this impact the concerts that have been coming to Roanoke? While I still have a lot of complaints about the acts I will say it’s better than it used to be. I really like a lot of the acts that have been pulled into the elmwood Park venue.
  17. I’d love to protest but I would just move to an area that has a hockey team.
  18. I was thinking of pat ferschweiler who is an assistant coach for the Red Wings.
  19. That makes two former people associated with the Express that are now some sort of NHL coach, right?
  20. Fun fact: the Utah Grizzlies is the same franchise that is the same franchise and Roanoke Rampage, Rebels and Lancers.
  21. Hopefully Adams stays in the ECHL and takes dumb penalties up there instead.
  22. I don’t think losing Mueller was that big of a deal. He may be leading Quad City with 8 points but Roanoke has at least four players with more points. At the time the move made sense because Porter was a good physical player and I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted that he was going to hang it up. I think the team currently has a lot of good players but they’re having trouble finding a rythem. I really like the Fox,Witzel, Jones line. I’d like to see them get some more time on the ice.
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