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  1. SPHL expansion 2018-19

    I barely remember Roanoke, because if I'm remembering right, it lasted all of one season, correct? Shoot, I thought it was weird when Missouri had a team for a stretch too. That league tried to get too big, too fast, almost like it was trying to keep up with the CHL and ECHL, and then by the end when it rebranded as the IHL it was down to six back in the same original region, and terrible hockey.
  2. SPHL expansion 2018-19

    Man, I'm just old enough to remember Roanoke having a team in the UHL. Grew up in Muskegon. It always seemed weird to me that the league wanted to go so far south and then the teams way out east, after it had been mainly Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois for all those years.
  3. SPHL expansion 2018-19

    Haha yeah, I'll be 30 next week, so if it's been close to 20 years since Louisville had a team of any sort, that would explain why I don't remember it at all. Interesting looking up that arena, if it had ice it'd be perfect SPHL size at around 6000 seats. Bummer that it sounds like the people there before did the city so wrong that nobody will try it again.
  4. SPHL expansion 2018-19

    So out of those eight to move to SPHL after being in higher leagues, only three left. I'll be completely honest in that I think QC has its work cut out for them to make it work. I know SPHL is way cheaper than the ECHL, but being the western- and northern-most team, plus a fanbase that dwindled, has me skeptical. That and this, where the arena was offering FREE rent and a cut of parking and concessions to the team but still coudn't make it work, has me questioning it. They must have a great deal though, because the city REALLY wanted a team back there this year. http://www.ourquadcities.com/news/what-didnt-work-for-the-quad-city-mallards/1049980300
  5. SPHL expansion 2018-19

    Louisville is interesting, but like the link said, I've never heard of them having hockey of any sort in the city. Savannah also would be a prime market I think, another that surprises me that it doesn't have a team already, but again, rink issue. If they got those two, I think that would be a big boost to the league. On the other side, I just don't see them ever going back to cities that had teams like Memphis/Southaven, Biloxi, Columbus, and Winston-Salem, no matter how well the FHL team there does. If hockey was going to work there, the teams would have never left in the first place. Same goes for the current ECHL teams, I don't know if they'd support SPHL hockey, but I guess Quad City will be the test market for that theory.
  6. FHL's Future Unclear?

    Looks like it's Mentor. And from the looks of it in one of the links in there, it looks like a pretty nice, but small, rink. https://busleaguehockey.com/2018/05/17/report-federal-hockey-league-has-talked-expansion-to-northern-ohio/
  7. FHL's Future Unclear?

    Back to hockey talk, There's this from a new Bus League Hockey site: https://busleaguehockey.com/2018/05/16/could-watertown-and-the-fhl-lose-the-wolves/ Kind of a path of how Watertown could lose the Wolves as attendance and teams near them continue to drop, but more interesting is this rumor: Which is really interesting. What's a Cleveland suburb that might have a rink? And same with Toronto suburbs that would have a 1500 to 2000 seat rink? Cleveland is not near Watertown, but is near Port Huron and Danville, kind of. And Toronto is about halfway between Port Huron and Watertown, ~4 hours or so.
  8. FHL's Future Unclear?

    The other side of it though, is they're doing 2200 or whatever it is, at absolute rock-bottom prices for tickets because the league's others costs are so low. I wonder how much it affects attendance if they do upgrade and jump to the SPHL, and they have to bump tickets up say $5 a seat. So having 4000+ seats is all well and good, but you still have to fill them, and that gets tougher at a higher price point for minor league hockey. Yes, the SPHL is much better hockey, but some are only going to see that price increase and decide they aren't paying it. Granted you make up for that with more corporate help and probably more league help from the SPHL, but there's a lot that goes into it. I'd be curious to hear an interview with people who ran teams that made the jump from lower leagues up, like from the old UHL/IHL to the ECHL or something and what all is needed for that transition. Personally, his idea about the FHL and SPHL working together is what intrigues me. This idea that the FHL has that they and the SPHL are both on equal footing is laughable and we all know it, shoot, I think they know it too, but I truly think there's a need for each, and need for each other. The SPHL needs guys when injuries or call-ups happen, and the FHL is a place for those guys to stay in game shape rather than sitting at home or playing men's league. Even if you don't have an actual agreement, but maybe the FHL adjusts its schedule and starts a couple weeks after the SPHL so you can get the guys who were cut or something to round out those rosters and raise the level of play.
  9. FHL's Future Unclear?

    I think like Brand said in the interview, there's not a "bad" market, just bad marketing, or for most FHL teams like the departed Cornwall Nationals, no marketing. And I feel like so many teams in the FHL prior to WS just opened up shop and hoped fans would come just because, "Hey, it's hockey and people here like hockey!" Granted, WS is in a town that has more people in it than the rest of the FHL towns combined, but they did a lot of leg work and market to make people aware of the team. Now, that takes money, which WS had, and a lot of other new teams don't either don't have or don't account for when starting up, and I think that's the biggest issue with the league. It's "only" $90k-ish or so (from what I've heard) for all your expansion fees and that, so a couple guys who saved up some money could have a go at it, where as the SPHL and even things like the USHL and NAHL are six or seven figures for expansion fees, so you have a far smaller chance of a bad owner who might run out of money, or can't afford to market the team.
  10. FHL's Future Unclear?

    Just to fuel more speculation about Carolina and the FHL in general, Carolina GM Scott Brand mentioned in this interview that if the Annex in W-S was bigger, they'd be eyeing a jump to the SPHL. Also mentions some FHL expansion rumors, the process behind it, and what the place for the FHL and SPHL is. Pretty interesting stuff, and seems like honest answers. https://hotsprotstakes.com/2018/05/06/on-brand-with-scott-brand/
  11. Welcome to SPHL Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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