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  1. For FHL yes. Look at the article, every ticket price for every section, with the exception of the restaurant seat, is the most expensive in the league. And their season ticket prices for center, ends, other end, are higher than any other team. Yes, in the grand scheme of things and compared to SPHL it's not expensive, but compared to the other four FHL teams, their prices are high.
  2. Those seem...high. I guess the prices if you're an early-bird aren't terrible (I'd be curious to know if the restaurant seat includes food), but walking up, $16 for a decent seat for that league is more than I'd realistically be willing to pay.I think they're probably about $2-3 high for each seat on the walk-up prices.
  3. Making that slip-up even more awkward? Sounds like Elmira doesn't even have a deal in place for a team yet, and faces a deadline of Wednesday afternoon this week. https://busleaguehockey.com/2018/07/09/local-reports-elmira-faces-wednesday-deadline-for-fhl-team/
  4. Yes that's the league model, but it's still bad when the league can't find six teams who can consistently get 700 to 1000 people. I agree that it's good that the FHL is the only chance some towns have at a pro hockey team, but 700+ fans is not a lot, and to not be able to find six teams that can consistently do that is what people point to. Why go to these towns of less than 10,000 people with a rink that might have 800 seats like they have in the past? That's the criticism. I love the FHL business model as an idea and giving towns that chance, but in the past the league has done such a bad job of vetting potential owners, they take their expansion fee check first and then toss them into the ocean hoping they can swim. Hopefully that changes with the two rumored additions and the demise of North Shore, and particularly with Scott Brand helping them out. Truthfully, I think the bigger issue is so many teams just don't market their product. They just put a team down and think that fans will show up because, hockey! And while there are fans who will do that, you need to get the team out there and have fun nights to draw people in. And that takes money, which, clearly a lot of past owners did not have.
  5. I mean, there's nowhere else they could go if they want pro hockey. It's FHL or nothing. Truthfully, that arena and market would be better of with something like the NAHL than the FHL, but I guess with the NAHL moving into Jamestown, that rules out that ever happening. That and with the arena being privately owned, I'm sure they want something in there so it doesn't sit completely empty throughout the winter.
  6. I have heard the same thing, with rumor being that the 2nd team is in New York, though no specifics on what city in NY that might be, but I'd guess Elmira based on their past negotiations with the FHL.
  7. Right, I knew that it was for their rights, probably should have phrased it better in my question. But thanks! I just wasn't sure because I searched past years and didn't see anything about dispersal drafts. Any reason there isn't a dispersal draft? Not enough players for everyone to get equal picks? Or, more likely in my guess, there would maybe be 5-6 picks then nobody else would want the rest of the guys.
  8. I have a question: Is this it for QC as far as guaranteed players and then the rest of their roster will be made up of free agent signings, or is there a dispersal draft for those former Mississippi players?
  9. From reading it, aside from Birmingham, my sense is they haven't gotten into a bidding war, but that the FHL is looking at cities that the SPHL wouldn't consider because some of them are really small cities that would never get enough fans for SPHL, or trying to fill a market that used to have SPHL. Because if it were an actual bidding war, the SPHL would win every time, and it wouldn't really be a war haha.
  10. The latest rumor I've heard is they are trying for the Ice Mine in Leisenring...but the ownership group that got the ball rolling there is a little short on cash and is looking for investors or a major sponsor. And by a little I mean $100k.
  11. It's true, I just don't think towns realize that the SPHL and FHL are it, and if they leave, there's no other hockey that could come to town. I'm old enough to remember when the ECHL, UHL, CHL, WPHL, original IHL and others all operated at the same time, and now there's just the two. More and more have tried to turn to Junior because not paying players saves a ton of money, but that's not an option for every city, especially in the southeast as the USHL and NAHL are mainly Midwest and East. So yeah, get out and support your team if you can. It's one thing to track them from a computer, but that doesn't help keep them around.
  12. The unofficial number I've seen for BC is 900. The league claims that its minimum for any arena is 1500, which seems right based on Danville, Port Huron and Carolina, but I'm not sure Watertown could squeeze 1500 into that little rink.
  13. The latest news is that the GM of the Thunderbirds confirmed two teams for 2018-19. With one in Ohio "near a major city," but no hints on what the 2nd team might be. Interesting tidbits in here, including what sounds like them looking at more teams in the south near Carolina. https://busleaguehockey.com/2018/05/27/report-fhl-adding-two-expansion-teams-for-2018-19-season/
  14. I barely remember Roanoke, because if I'm remembering right, it lasted all of one season, correct? Shoot, I thought it was weird when Missouri had a team for a stretch too. That league tried to get too big, too fast, almost like it was trying to keep up with the CHL and ECHL, and then by the end when it rebranded as the IHL it was down to six back in the same original region, and terrible hockey.
  15. Man, I'm just old enough to remember Roanoke having a team in the UHL. Grew up in Muskegon. It always seemed weird to me that the league wanted to go so far south and then the teams way out east, after it had been mainly Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois for all those years.
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