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  1. Before one of the home games earlier in the season they announced that he was cancer free, and that the deal between he and Coach Detulleo has been that he would give up his C patch once his cancer was gone since he could play for his youth team again then. That may not be 100% accurate as it is from memory, but he was announced to be cancer free,
  2. There is a nice road system to funnel folks from the Shoals to Chattanooga to Huntsville. That’s three metro areas large enough to support an SPHL franchise with only one franchise between them. The Shoals are closer to Huntsville than Birmingham by quite a bit, and Chattanooga I think would be about 30 minutes closer to Huntsville than Knoxville with the drive being a bit easier since it is flat most of the way. Also depending on your tastes there isn’t much to do in Huntsville, and I think the Havoc sort of fill that void a little bit.
  3. A great mystery. I believe Marksman Owner when he says not all teams are maxed out on payroll because it ties rather nicely to some of the worst attended teams having the best records. Similarly as one of the players interviewed says they play golf, watch movies, and eat out in the afternoons. While you can watch movies for cheap it certainly seems that he is talking about the theater which is to say the players are spending a solid middle class lifestyle. Honestly, the big question is room and board. If the teams are allowed to provide this then you can do okay on a few hundred a week. Ultimately, there is no way to disprove players getting paid extra by the fans or team, but if they are getting room and board free I can see the lifestyle described is not unreasonable.
  4. Yeah I feel like there might be a big drop off after the KHL. You see teams leaving other European leagues for the KHL even though every team outside of China has to have 90% of its players from the country it is in. I think one KHL team has gone back to a Euro league.
  5. Only repeating the assumption widely bandied about at the time for why the BoT suddenly wanted UAH and UAB to cut their hockey and football teams respectively. As I haven’t seen anything to refute it I am left to believe it was true.
  6. I can speak for one who is not. My thesis is basically this. You are alienating Auburn fans by running such an ad. You are alienating Tennessee fans by running such an ad. There’s a reason large companies such as car manufacturers and restaurant chains make ads and other marketing devices aimed at multiple fanbases when they choose to wade into this. There are a significant number of transplants in Huntsville who do not care about Alabama who this ad will not reach. On average they may be more likely to want to go to a game than an Alabama fan, but they are not going to spoken to by this ad (and may well be turned away by it).
  7. And alienate non-fans who aren’t Alabama fans which is probably a higher portion of the population in Huntsville than the rest of the state (possibly especially among the potential hockey fans) I despise Alabama, but even if I didn’t I can’t be the only one in Huntsville who remembers Alabama trying to kill UAH’s hockey program like they did UAB’s football program. Mayor Battle basically had to come out with the local business leaders and the congressional delegation with the threat to get UAH removed from Alabama’s bailiwick if they continued to try interfering with one of the city’s distinctive features just to find money to pay their football coach.
  8. Maybe. The night games usually are better attended. My main issue was alienating a lot of their fanbase by promoting the game on social media as being for Alabama fans,
  9. Welcome aboard Cody Porter! Losing Milosek mau hurt a lot. I think he was critical in the win streak. It was a shame he only played three home games during it. Here’s to hoping Porter and Delavergne can be good replacements.
  10. Is there still a weekly salary cap on teams in the league? If so, does anyone know what it currently is?
  11. I tend to think in the US there is a big overlap between team fans and fans of the sport for baseball and football. I don’t think it is that strong in hockey, and I was wondering about other folks’ opinions because I can provide anecdotal evidence for this. Huntsville is I think unique among SPHL teams in that it also has a D-I college program in town. Ticket prices are significantly lower for the college team, but crowds seem to be between about 1000-1500 with about 20% made up of fans of the other team. Now admittedly most people in town aren’t alumni or fans of UAH, but if there were a big percentage of just pure hockey fans you’d think they’d hit up the minor league games and the college games.
  12. This I will have to check. I know they don’t sell liquor, but it seems like beer is available.
  13. Yep. Killed attendance (admittedly it was still well above the league average). Hopefully, they won’t pander to Alabama fans again in the future.
  14. Very surprising. My first question is how do the teams with small arenas stay afloat with the budgets estimated above?
  15. Is there a threat of Knoxville getting a significantly larger municipal venue though? I can’t see the city justifying building a municipal building with seating capacity that can compete with existing facility the University of Tennessee already has in town because that other building is already there and maintained by someone else’s taxes. I tend to think an ECHL team that is stable would probably need that size arena though. I just don’t get the level of play argument. Never have never will, but with what seems like something similar playing out over the Fayetteville forum I can’t deny that some people think that way. I can Pelham is probably a more inconveniently places venue than the BJCC is though.
  16. $100 was worth a lot more back then.
  17. Those guys also had endorsement deals of some sort as well. I can remember two or three commercial from when I was kid that had players in them.
  18. I am curious as to what makes you characterize some owners as ECHL wannabes and some as FHL wannabes. Not saying you are wrong just curious if there is evidence. I am sure the top moneymakers have thought about making more money. However, I think the top teams in revenue are probably close to being maxed out on their seating, but even at the next level they can’t really play hardball to get their arenas expanded. Speaking to the cities I am familiar with, while the Huntsville metro is probably 50000 to 100000 larger than when it had an ECHL team I can’t see anyone seriously thinking of making the jump until you are seeing sellouts half the time, and until the city or one of the universities in town builds a larger venue. All that is to say while Huntsville’s future as a city and team should be growth, growth, growth for the foreseeable future I can’t see ownership realistically thinking about going to a bigger league in the foreseeable future. Birmingham has everything in place for it other than a fanbase. They have the BJCC which can seat an appropriate crowd, and they have an MSA of over a million people. They are one of the largest MSAs in the US without a big league sports team, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they have some agreement with the league under which they can jump ship with no hard feelings. That said right now they averaging attendance which puts them on the bubble of sustainability in the SPHL, and until they start selling out their arena on a nightly basis jumping to the ECHL is a pipe dream. I asked in my topic here about the league salary cap because I suspected that it is not a coincidence Birmingham and Macon are sitting at the top of the league. Given the confirmation in that topic that not all teams are maxxing out their payroll under the salary cap, I suspect it even more strongly now. The sad thing is their expenditures in hockey operations don’t seem to be driving attendance as one would hope. That said that effort and expenditure form their ownership is not what one would classify as an FHL mindset.
  19. I would be curious to see how much leases factor in event staff. Like you said it takes more people for an SPHL crowd, but the venue makes more off concessions as well. In addition my guess is all SPHL venues have liquor licenses which can really help those revenues. I am not sure that is the case for 1000 seat venues whose major tenants are high school and city league teams.
  20. I may be reading wrong, but they got 15 with no goals allowed on Milosek. They got 7 with 4 goals allowed on Delavergne. Admittedly, you’re right there’s more going on than just the goalie, but you can’t tell me that wasn’t a significant part of it. Anyways not trying to rub salt in the wound this topic is the only one I saw with the scorecard. I am hoping he keeps up the good work going forward.
  21. My next question then is has anyone heard rumors if some, most, or all teams in the league are actually staying below the cap?
  22. Milosek stays true to form. He doesn’t disappoint. Looking at your scorecard above that seems to be the story of them game.