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  1. Haus is a great kid. We are lucky to have him. I think Petey will be on the show soon.
  2. This is the action of a true fan. Thank you for supporting The Marksmen.
  3. After every single home game, Shawn Bednard sends out the boxscore and the post game report to ALL area media stations. Radio, Print, and TV. Rarely, if ever, do they do anything with it. Sad? Very sad! Thomas Pope is the only news person that covers us regularly. Other than him, nobody is interested in even mentioning us. UGH
  4. If we could, we would. Scott basically works for free, like lots of other passionate supporters of the team. Without Scott, his wife Denise (Crazy Merch Lady), Doc, and lots of others like them, there’d be no hockey in Fayetteville. Great people...all of them.
  5. Greg, I agree that we were absolutely terrible last year. 100% mine and my partners fault. We listened to the wrong people and hired an awful hockey ops staff. We started with a decent team and progressively got worse. I don't blame any fans for being upset. But here’s my argument. The year before, when I bought FireAntz, they were arguably the best team in the league. We won like 16 games in a row at home. Set a record for most home wins. Goalie won more games than any goalie in league history. Guess what? Nobody cared. We had the worst attendance in the league and lost $400,000.00. Yes, you read that correctly. $400k! Wins and losses seem important and to actual hockey fans, it is. But you cannot support an SPHL franchise with actual hockey fans. The FireAntz, River Kings, Cotton Mouths, and several other teams proved that. The Dawgs were awful the year I bought The Antz... we smashed them every time we played em... but guess what? They made money and we died and had to be rescued. As much as I and Other people love hockey, the hockey is not what sells. 95% of the people in the rink, are very casual fans. The 15 to 20 on this forum, are much more knowledgeable than the casual fan. Although sometimes I question Some of what I read on here. The casual fans come to watch games because it’s entertaining. it’s everything around the rink that they pay their money for. I know People don’t want to hear it, but it’s absolutely true When Fayetteville was killing it in attendance, people were coming because the league had lots of crazy fights. Players were tough, they would brawl. It was fun. Players are not like that anymore. These young kids outta college will not play that way. Yeah, some teams have some scraps, and we do as well. But the line brawls and bench clearing brawls are gone. 1. The players won’t do it. And 2. Even if they would, the league would absolutely hammer them. Look what happened with QC and Peoria a week or so ago. Guy got 9 games, 5 games etc etc. We actually signed an FHL kid a couple weeks ago. The kid tried to fight in all 3 of his games. He asked Cody to go. Guess what? He got denied every single time. 3 games in a row, the kid begged for a fight and not 1 guy would go with him. We played y’all twice I think. We released the kid after his 3 gamer. The people that went to those glory year games... weren’t hockey fans. They were there for the entertainment. The brawls were entertaining. They think they love hockey, but they love the fights, not the game. Brawling isn’t the game. But, I get It. I was a fan. I grew up in Detroit. We had the Bruise Brothers. I absolutely Loved it. But, Those days are long gone buddy. So, we win 3 in a row and nobody cares. If we brawled and lost 3 games, nobody would care that we lost Guaranteed. But it’s not gonna happen. Not in this league, not ever again. Sorry, but that is the reality of our league and the 3 higher leagues.
  6. Here’s wishing all hockey fans, especially Marksmen fans, a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year.
  7. Yeah, I accidentally counted the preseason game that we won over you guys. My bad. But, you didn’t address the part when you said maybe if we turn our season around, our fans will support us again. Wouldn’t that mean the Dawgs need to turn their season around too? Since they’re only ahead of us in the standing by 1 pt?? : )
  8. This stat is important when comparing apples to apples and when comparing two teams that are basically even. That is not the case here. Quad is a totally different type of team than the Marksmen. You have no idea what type of situations these 2 guys are playing in and what their line mates stats look like. Its a good stat when you look at several seasons of work from a player and his plus/minus is averaged out over that time. With one guy only playing for one team that has not been very good thus far, and a short amount of time, kinda hard to see what kinda player he is. That being said, I like Benny. He’s a good kid and a really good player. I will miss seeing him in a Marksmen sweater. He could very well make the Marksmen regret this trade. There’s always some gamble in trades. When you gamble, there’s a chance you can lose. However, I trust our staff. So far, the moves they’ve made have been very very good. I like our chances.
  9. Greg, I don’t know where you ever got the impression I am here to stop someone from having an opinion, good or bad. I don’t need or want anyone to stroke my ego. Lol. I have No clue why you would even incinuate that. I havent ever been uncivilized nor have I attacked anyone. So again, I’m not sure where your incinuation is coming from. I don't think our teams luck has been bad. We’ve been bad. And we’ve been good. There’s no luck involved. Just Incase you don’t know, we are 1pt behind the Dawgs that you support and are actually leading the season series with them. So our “luck” hasn’t been that bad. And if we need to “turn our season around”, I’m assuming you’re saying the Dawgs do as well? Not really sure what made you feel obligated to chime in on this stuff, but I respect that you have an opinion, just like everyone else. Again, I came on here because several people were telling me about all of the bogus info being spread around on this forum. I came on to give real insight and not random opinion. If you guys don’t want to hear the reality, then you are free to keep your echo chamber of erroneous nonsense, but there are other people on the forum that are happy to have me here, giving them actual information that is based on fact, not opinion. If people want to hate on me or the Marksmen or any other team in the world, they are free to do it... even if it is under the guise of “Long Time Fan”. That’s why we have a 1st amendment right. But while people claim to be passionate fans and I have to accept that, I can say that they are haters and not actually fans and you have to accept that as well. Right? Good night, Greg
  10. LOL. Trolling? I’ve come on here to give actual information to people, rather than them having to read speculative nonsense that has been being posted from time to time. I, like others on this forum, have been welcomed by the forum, to comment freely. I read in another thread, that you think I should be banned? Why would you be opposed to me giving real information to people? Is this forum only for “Long Time Fans” to have an echo chamber of hate filled rhetoric? Talk about sad? Yes, if that’s the opinion of what the forum should be, it’s very sad. If people go back and look at any comment ive made on here, none of them have been negative and I’ve never attacked anyone. I’ve merely corrected people from putting out erroneous info. And trolling our fan base? I’ve read your comments... it seems clear, you are no fan of the Marksmen, me, the coach, or our style of play. And that’s fine. You don’t have to be. But don’t try to pass yourselves off as long time fans. From the comments you’ve posted, you seem more like haters. Sad indeed.
  11. So, I figured that at least one of our many fans on here would have some comments about our mini win streak, after the absolute vitriol over our 6 game skid? I thought we played relatively good, but lost in our skid. Needed to play a little tougher and play for 60 mins. In the last 3, I thought we corrected some of the issues we had prior to Christmas break. Put up a lead and held in on wed at home for huge crowd. Played a very tight game vs arguably best team in the league (Macon) and won a 1-0 grind. Also had some very physical play and a nice tilt by Pryce, in which he won decisively. Small but loud crowd at the Crown. Then last night, another W against another really tough team that was on a 3 or 4 game winning streak. In front of a large, loud crowd in a small barn Knoxville is a tough place to play. Either way, huge 6pts in 3 games Do people only come on here to excoriate the guys when they lose?
  12. The referee is responsible for all of that. But I agree, the linesman and the building security should handle their responsibilities. And imo, our officials do what they’re supposed to do, the vast majority of the time.
  13. I would only comment on an official, if I didn't like money. I would absolutely get hammered if I ever commented on that particular situation or official. So, officially I have “No Comment” However, will say this about officiating as a whole. It is a very difficult job. Before I ever reffereed, I would would watch the refs and think to myself how easily it looked. Easy, it is not. It was a humbling experience to go out and ref my 1st squirt game. LOL. Refs work very hard, in very difficult conditions. You’re basically, one guy trying to watch 12 players, 2 linesman, several coaches and even fans, all at the same time. It’s a lot. I believe that our officials do an incredible job, considering the challenges they face. I know that sounds like the PC answer, but it really is the truth.
  14. The player could choose a different store for his gift cards, but he would still only get $75 worth. : )