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  1. Has anyone seen this? Apparently someone on Twitter is doing some sort of SPHL SIM league using NHL '20. I've seen some Tweets but haven't tuned in to watch a game yet. I'm going to watch one of the Dawgs games. Why not, right? Better than nothing.
  2. Not going to do the research because, you know, I don't wanna (HA!) but these one goal games are killing me! Anyone else think Dion can't help himself and will do something stupid again tonight?
  3. For rookies to do what they did last night in their pro debut is impressive at any level, in any league. WOW! Here's hoping they can keep it up. Go Dawgs!
  4. if the gesture Victor made to Armstrong is what I think it is, that is absolutely suspension worthy. The doctor, too, should have gotten suspended. His infraction is arguably the worst of the bunch. The SPHL has basically said that Roanoke was out there head hunting while Fayetteville was gracefully playing a fun game of hockey. It's quite ridiculous and the league continues to be a laughing stock when it comes to discipline.
  5. Shultz, absolutely deserved. Sherwood, for spearing, probably deserved. Coach and Travis getting suspended is garbage. At face value, this press release makes it look like the Dawgs were just skating around doing malicious stuff without a care in the world.
  6. Absolutely horrific homer with zero creativity when he goes the humor route. That being typed, he does do a good job of covering the team.
  7. BINGO! That's the bottom line. Most games between these two have been very good battles. I'm not against fights or using a few bumps and stick taps to get an advantage at all. Simply put, there's a fine line between playing like an idiot while doing goon stuff and playing good hard-nosed hockey. Sadly, most confuse one for the other.
  8. No doubt we disagree on a few things, which is fine and still allowed in 2020 if I'm not mistaken. We watched the same game and saw it two different ways... I saw him insert himself into a scuffle and take liberties with a rookie. To me, that's being a fake tough guy. And while I understand the suspension thing, if he's going to keep popping off and escalating things while making lewd gestures to Armstrong after the game, then not accept the consequences, that's very lame.
  9. I'm always down to talk SPHL. I was happy to find this message board.
  10. I don't like Schultz at all. He wasn't a part of the discussion so I didn't mention the fact that he's an idiot and I wish he didn't play for Roanoke. There's no heat from me as far as Fayetteville goes. Quite frankly, I've always had nice discussions with every out-of-town fan that comes to Roanoke. I'm not that guy who's going to make an ass out of himself just because someone doesn't like the same sports team I do. That's one of my least favorite people on the planet, the person who does that. I simply didn't like how Victor handled himself last night.
  11. Trying him (your term) when the game was tied would show no common sense (your term) as the game was in question. After the game, he should expect a problem if he's going act like a petulant child and taunt the other team's Captain. Especially after what he did earlier. What you call standing up for a teammate, I call going after a guy that was already engaged with two others. If he wants to celebrate after such a clown move, that makes it even worse. Victor is the very definition of a fake tough guy in the mold of Hagaman in Peoria. If you want to be proud of him for being that kind of player, that's your right. Have at it. Personally, he's not a player I respect.
  12. Common-sense also dictates that what he did and the manner in which he did it earlier in the game would warrant a receipt. He's a fake tough guy and I don't like that style of play. That's all.
  13. Interesting how Victor dropped his mitts with a player that was already getting into it with two other players but wanted no part of Armstrong at the end of the game. Nothing worse than fake tough guy swagger. I'm not saying hockey should be a fight fest, far from it. However, if you're going jump a rookie and dance off the ice afterward you should be take your receipt like a man. Also, what was that gesture he was giving to Armstrong?
  14. Nailed it. Hagaman is the biggest (slang term for cat) in the league for sure.
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