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  1. Maybe a few warning points are in order?
  2. I agree with you and you call me ignorant?
  3. Ya, I always say a calm demeanor is what you look for in a hockey player.
  4. Who else would you get? Are there a bunch of proven guys lining up for a job in the SPHL?
  5. Don't they know times are tough?
  6. Only five $2 beer nights. I may have to quit buying that second intermission popcorn.
  7. Is that how it works in the world you live in?
  8. Should a person always lose their job if they get arrested for DUI? Should they lose their job for any arrest or just a DUI?
  9. Why the heck would you want to sit in a hot tub at the hockey game?
  10. Have you been hanging around that PlannedObsolescence dingbat?
  11. And nobody cares was my point.
  12. So how many people in Huntsville would give a crap if Dubois came here to coach?
  13. How many people in Birmingham will remember a guy from 20yrs ago?
  14. Odd that they pick a guy with no head coaching experience and the last time he was even an assistant was 13 yrs ago.
  15. Stinky hockey equipment is "valuable assets"? I stand by my thought that cold beer has far more value than stinky hockey equipment.