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  1. Does this stuff just pop into your head? Or do you spend time trying to come up with the most retarded thing to post?
  2. I buy them, whatever the cost. I just appreciate that the premier franchise in the league has the premier promotion. Hey, maybe that's why they lead the league in attendance.
  3. I'm not dependent on $2 beers.
  4. Until the first $2 beer night.
  5. I don't think anyone said "a bunch of goons". They said some toughness.
  6. Tie Domi said the fans cheer way more when I fight than when I score a goal.
  7. You don't expect people with a little money to get in trouble, do you? Heck, when OJ had money he got away with murder. When he was broke he went to jail for stealing his own football.
  8. Only the dumb stuff.
  9. I watched him play and he did played well. Doesn't mean his face would be familiar.
  10. Familiar to who? If he was standing next to me at the beer stand I wouldn't have a clue who he is.
  11. My new hang out is the beer stand at the Huntsville Speedway. $3.50 a can though. My granddaughter asked me when hockey season started again. She doesn't like the how hot it has been at the races lately.
  12. Move the Havoc forum. Nobody posts anything there.
  13. I don't know. In another thread, the Knoxville GM said it.
  14. We know what the players make. Anybody know the average pay for a SPHL coach?