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  1. Have you been hanging around that PlannedObsolescence dingbat?
  2. And nobody cares was my point.
  3. So how many people in Huntsville would give a crap if Dubois came here to coach?
  4. How many people in Birmingham will remember a guy from 20yrs ago?
  5. Odd that they pick a guy with no head coaching experience and the last time he was even an assistant was 13 yrs ago.
  6. Stinky hockey equipment is "valuable assets"? I stand by my thought that cold beer has far more value than stinky hockey equipment.
  7. I think they would make more money selling cold beer than they will selling stinky hockey equipment.
  8. Scotty Bowmen
  9. You think he is a number one guy or a good back-up?
  10. A pretty good goalie on a crappy team = a good fit?
  11. Can't imagine why they would want to move to the BJCC. 5000 seats in Pelham were I would assume the rent will be about 1/10 the BJCC would be better I would think. Also UAB has a club team that plays there as well as UA.
  12. There used to be a cut-off date that they had to be back by. I believe it was sometime in the end of March. Not sure if that rule still exists.
  13. No beer!
  14. Wow

    what a margarita night. They should have them every Friday.
  15. Did he get promoted by asking all those great insightful questions during the between period interviews? Or was it the "so what can we expect tonight" from the pregame interviews?