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  1. There used to be a cut-off date that they had to be back by. I believe it was sometime in the end of March. Not sure if that rule still exists.
  2. No beer!
  3. Wow

    what a margarita night. They should have them every Friday.
  4. Did he get promoted by asking all those great insightful questions during the between period interviews? Or was it the "so what can we expect tonight" from the pregame interviews?
  5. They had $4 beer at Chuck E Cheese. Little cups too.
  6. I hate that I missed being a Ninja Turtle last week. I was asked to go to Chuck E Cheese though.
  7. do I have to dress up as tomorrow?
  8. How can you suggest there? They don't have 4237 beers on tap. The don't even have Pumpkin spice pale wheat orange winter ale made by yellow pants.
  9. "And it's HIPAA, not hippo." Are you sure?
  10. If you have General Admission tickets come early on Saturday. It will be a sell out and fill up quick.
  11. Gelato is for sissies. Get some Ice Cream. Come to think of it, "craft beer" is too.
  12. The VBC is derelict in regards to customer service?
  13. Aren't you breaking the hippo law with that post?
  14. That would work if I wasn't a real fan.