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  1. I'll believe that before I ever believed this
  2. Happy Birthday flatulantdeath!

  3. That puck was in, for sure. From where I was standing, that puck was 4-5 inches past the goal line before McLean swiped it out.
  4. That article is a year old dude
  5. Hey if we're goin' that route then I suggest they call them the Roanoke Ice River Rage. Fits right in!
  6. Happy Birthday flatulantdeath!

  7. Finding ownership for minor league hockey is like Corey Bellamy's enforcing, majority of the time you'll get laughed at and very rarely do you ever land anything.
  8. Because the AHL franchise in Peoria was purchased by the Canucks and they moved the team to Utica. It was either go dark (first time in almost 30 years in Peoria), or ice a team in the SPHL and wait.
  9. The last mascot I saw banging a drum was Hook in Biloxi. Nobody was bothered by it, and I mean nobody .
  10. Happy Birthday flatulantdeath!

  11. I don't see why you guys are so hung up on the three stars. It ultimately means nothing and is generally for the home fans. I didn't see the games but Levine deserves a ton of credit. A guy has to play 3 games in 3 nights (ebug can't come in unless he's hurt), loses the first one with a short bench in front, and the next two games pushes one of the highest scoring offenses to a shootout and ot. Stanfield had assists on both comeback goals (and a fight) the night before to tie the game and get them a shot at the w. I have no problems with the selections.
  12. You're not alone there.