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Let me first start by saying to everyone I have enjoyed having these forums over the last decade.  We have been self sustaining through the generosity of the fans who love the SPHL and the sport of hockey.  Even through teams coming and going we have managed to reach our funding goal every year.  2020 hasn't been a typical year.  Covid-19 and the craziness that has ensued from it has created tough times on people and I completely understand that.  People are struggling to keep their households going and that is ultimately what is most important.  The league has lost 5 teams for the upcoming season which ultimately effect things here as well.  If people don't have a team playing they're not coming here, much less donating.   We have reached the original deadline and have only managed to raise 35% of our goal needed to keep the forums going.  That will pay for the forums until December so this is what I intend to do....


I am going to reset the donation tracker to 0 so it will only reflect the needed 65% to pay for the year.  If you donate during this time and we fail to reach our goal for the year your DONATION WILL BE REFUNDED.  I don't want anyone to worry they will lose their money if they donate and the board has to be shut down.  You WILL NOT.  Your money will be refunded through Paypal.  The deadline for the new deadline will be December 9th. 


I want everyone to know I understand these are crazy times. I appreciate each and every one of you.  If we don't raise the money needed then I will look back on these last 10 years as great times with fellow hockey fans.  I'm going to remain positive though!  Hopefully we can reach our goal and keep going and keep talking about the sport and league we all love so much.


~ Volstate


** The block to donate is located on the right of the forum and all transactions are secure through PAYPAL. 
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SPHL, HockeyTech launch new mobile app

Google Play

Apple Store
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2020 Free Agent Showcase - Sep. 26 & 27
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SPHL announces broadcast partnership with HockeyTech

February 7, 2020

1:39 PM EST

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (February 7, 2020) – The Southern Professional Hockey League today announced a multi-year partnership with HockeyTech for the broadcasting of all games beginning with the 2020-2021 season on a new SPHL TV platform.

The broadcast partnership marks the latest addition to HockeyTV’s growing network of 35 leagues and over 30,000 games broadcast each season on HockeyTV. The SPHL and the SPHL TV Network will join HockeyTV’s Elite Network, a family of broadcast partners that play Hockey at an elite level. 

“The Southern Professional Hockey League joins the growing list of elite hockey content for our all-access pass subscribers,” stated HockeyTech CEO Stu Siegel. “Their content will give existing subscribers more value and new fans an exciting new way to enjoy the games.”

“We are extremely excited to introduce HockeyTech as our new broadcast partner beginning this October,” added SPHL Commissioner Doug Price. “I am sure our fans are going to love SPHL TV and the enhanced viewing experience that will come with it.”



Check out the free games.

And today, 11/11/19

Don Cherry fired by Sportsnet following xenophobic comments

What name will they be
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Headline-making decision by these women, but it will simply diminish the already minuscule fan base of NA women's hockey.  It might be that college hockey is the only niche that the women's game can grow in this hemisphere.  That's a shame for the players who have "aged out"; but the fan & sponsor support just isn't there (now nor in the foreseeable future) to sustain women pros as part of the game.

All I can say is Bremner definately changed up the game plan this time around to play his old coach. You could see the difference from what the Dawgs usually do.  It worked, but i'm expecting quite a bit of difference in what Peoria does this game.  It was exactly like our captain said going to be a chess match and thats what it looked like. I expect another good game.

This ^^^ is exactly why they are eliminating GA and going to all assigned seats.  When groups of 10 or more would show up and purchase GA tickets, they would often go back to the office and complain that they couldn't find seats together.  Now you'll know before you walk in that you do (or don't) have seats together.  If it's important to sit a large group together, you are always better off with purchasing assigned seats early and not rolling the dice that you can find that many empty seats (and then manage to hold on to them).  That's true with hockey games, movies, concerts, etc.....

I don't quite understand your feelings of being forced to buy season tickets now when you go on to state you are already buying season tickets in GA.  Is your frustration more about the additional cost of season tickets for reserved seats?  There are very few season ticket holders that are happy about the price adjustments regardless of where they sit.   But it's simple supply and demand, and the demand is high right now.

A longer history of local hockey and more discretionary income.


Very good exposure for the SP.  Even a Fayetteville Marksmen mention.

1. Announced attendance and paid attendance are not synonymous. 

2.  The team has ZERO control of concessions. It is exclusively controlled by the Crown Mgmt and its F&B Vendor.

3. 2k people did NOT leave the game halfway through the 3rd period. LOL. 

4. Why would any team, leading 5-2, start a fight? 


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They are offsetting that with shorter travel distances between the cities.  🤔  They are just going to kill the teams barely making it with travel costs.  But they will have 3 teams that should be able to keep the league afloat with Carolina, Elmira, and Columbus if they can get them.  I have a feeling thats how everyone will get new expansion teams in leagues.  Teams dropping out of ECHL will go to SPHL if in the footprint of the league.  With teams dropping out of SPHL going to the FHL.  They haven't figured out where their footprint is yet.  Not seeing much action from any new cities about expansion especially in the SPHL.  

My understanding to this is that most teams need and average of around 2500 to break even at every game.  We currently have 6 teams that are over that goal right now, two  others are close the and then the other two I don't know what they have to do get the fans.  They should be well above average as these two cites have had hockey teams for quite a few years.

I know some of the fans in Birmingham that used to go say they liked ECHL better that the SPHL, I told them give this a chance and you will like it.  I told one person I knew from back in the Bulls ECHL days that if these players are not that good then why do so may of them get the ECHL call up!  They looked and me and said you mean these  guys get called up to ECHL and I said yes and that changed their mind and now they are gong to the games at Pelham.  It all boils down to perception to some people.

I think you will see some teams go and new teams come into the league, I keep hearing rumblings of some of the lower attended ECHL teams wanting to get in and then some that would like to get in but egos will not let them take the plunge. 

Don't be surprised if you see the ECHL come after some SPHL markets that have strong followings, that talk is out there too.
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Post in Peoria: Stuff-A-Bus seeks 11 tons of food ...
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Restricting it to a Teddy Bear Toss would have eliminated the possibility of getting whatever this is: 

I'd sure like to shake this not-so-young-any-more man's hand some day. 

The attendance is less important because sponsors heavily subsidize the cost of operations/players salaries. Once you find a company willing to buck the status quo of North American sports, you can have a professional team with attendance like that of a European hockey team.
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If that disparity continues into the next calendar year, it will make the races for 4 through 8 that much more intense.  Must be a League conspiracy. 

The two teams looked evenly matched to me.  Fayetteville's goalie, Murray made 6 to 8 excellent saves to keep his team in the game.  I'm concerned about Hauswirth.  He looks slow to me- hopefully he's playing through an injury and he'll come around soon..

As a long-long(-long-)time resident of the Metro St. Louis area, I can tell you without hesitation that low minor pro hockey in St. Charles, MO is a pipe dream (close but off the crossbar).  It was tried twice before - most recently by the owners of the then-CHL's Missouri Mavericks ownership for the same sort of regional business base reasons you are proposing - and neither attempt had the legs to power skate.  Just as significantly, junior hockey failed 3 times between 1996 & 2012 to gain popularity in our region   The economic, geographical & social reasons are too numerous to recount here.  Suffice it to say: If it ain't NHL hockey, it won't play to revenue-producing crowds in The Lou.

As for the possibility of an Indy Fuel demotion, the father-son team of Jim and Sean Hallett who own the team have expressed considerable intent to invest in further hockey-related business development in the Indianapolis area.  I see the Fuel ECHL franchise as an important community anchor for the success of that project, with the backing of a Chicago Blackhawks affiliation that has clearly "fueled" the local fanbase (as witnessed by the large number of Hawks jerseys on display at their home games & the continuing popularity of that annoying Hawks-goal-song-which-shall-not-be-named.)  Further & beyond the simple math of yearly attendance numbers @ Indiana Farmers Coliseum, it is noteworthy that the facility only seats 6,800 while the Fuel attendance numbers have been remarkably steady in their 4+ seasons.  So IMO, the Indy Fuel will continue to live on as an ECHL member as long as The Halletts have the resources to invest in it and as long as the Blackhawks organization sees advantage in continuing their affiliation.

One more important note regarding your key premises for an "SPHL Midwest Division": If the long-term success of Fort Wayne hockey was able to be bottled & transported to other Midwest towns, don't you think The Frankes would be operating that bottling line 24/7 and making their new family fortune on the 5-cent deposits? 

If'n they can keep this momentum, they shall create a disturbance in the force

The visiting team's version of the events ... Rivermen Drop Opener in Overtime Saturday

And the highlights video ...


Nice, looks like they screwed our Dawgs on that simulation.  I will really be disappointed if it looks like that at the end of the year!

Always said that $5 game will bring a whole lot more of people.  Even new ones who think its too expensive for their whole family to attend.  Good way to find some more fans that wouldn't have shown up unless it was that cheap.  Good way to try to hook new fans onto the game.  Pensacola's management does a good job letting their fans know its not all about the money.  Especially making their preseason game for free and opening night for $5.  We use to have a night like that in Roanoke every season and have sell outs of around 9,000 fans.  Make it cheap and they will usually come!

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