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  1. 100% referring to the Fed. I've seen/heard multiple stories from players saying essentially the same thing. Take a weekend callup, hide an injury, get it taken care of by the new team because Fed team either can't or won't take care of it.
  2. Nah, what we'll need is a league that doesn't cut all the corners off then start cutting the new corners. When you are a league where players are taking call ups so they can get medical issues taken care of (allegedly of course), you don't deserve to be a league. There's a big difference between not wanting a place for these players to play and just not wanting it to be the hellhole the Fed is.
  3. It wouldn't surprise me if Evansville is gone. I highly doubt the other teams are going to allow the rights to just shift to VC. It will be interesting to see how it's handled if EVV does go dark. Sometimes the league has had new teams pick exclusively from the dead team(s) players. Other times there's been both dispersal and expansion drafts with varying setups. I'm still holding out hope we'll see the Fed die and Winston-Salem and Columbus join the league (or the Fed continues to limp along without them). If anything, the SPHL allowing a team to use David S. Palmer Arena bodes well for
  4. When I first heard about this, I messaged Justin and he told me it’s just him and the coaches right now. Makes sense as he the ability to work in all aspects of the FO and was/is likely to take on more of an executive role moving forward.
  5. My parents are STHs in Greenville and have already heard to expect a December timeframe.
  6. I don’t think we’d even get a chance. SPHL need crowds, if there are capacity limits, games might not even happen. If games were limited to 25% capacity, every team would be below their normal break even point. For example, 25% of the Bay Center’s lower bowl would be 1,451.5. If they opened the upper bowl, you could max out at 2,012.25. Add into that the extra fees the Ice Flyers pay for opening the upper bowl due to added cleaning costs for the building and it makes even less financial sense to attempt 25%. The generally accepted break even point is 2,500. Peoria is the closest you
  7. I believe they were technically two completely separate organizations like in Pensacola so I wouldn’t say they suspended ops and returned.
  8. Yes, they get per diem on the road and housing is provided by the team (thus why the Ice Flyers can use a view of the Gulf of Mexico as a recruiting tool. players stay in condos on the beach). There are also a lot of meals that paid for by the team/booster organizations, snacks after practices, teams strike deals where players (and sometimes the staff) get discounts on food with local restaurants, etc. You might also see players have "jobs" from sponsors. Some of those may be legit, others a little less so, but that employment is strictly at the discretion of the sponsor whether they want
  9. I wouldn't say you usually see it. Rosters are different at all levers of hockey and are far from consistent even within the league's The ECHL's reserve spots are a relatively new additions. Fewer players means not only lower salary but lower per diem, fewer hotel rooms needed, lower equipment costs, etc. You can have guys on three-game tryouts but you'll see teams at that 18-man active limit most of the time because why have more than you need. The whole business plan of the league is to be as inexpensive as possible. While the SPHL doesn't take this to extremes like the Fed (e.g. t
  10. Getting a new scoreboard. The Mississippi Coast Coliseum posted a pick of a new one going in and they had dashers up in the background. Since then it has been radio silence. I think if it was going to happen in either league for 2020-21, it would have by now. I think any possible SPHL expansion for this next season has likely been pushed to 2021-22 or isn't happening.
  11. Never mind the relationship between Rockford and the Blackhawks, there's no way in hell the Wolves ownership will affiliate and officially be second fiddle to the Blackhawks.
  12. Bob Kerzner owns quite a few McDonald's locations. The Mayhem seem like they're the writeoff for the Kerzners.
  13. Regarding Macon, as long as Burger Bob is in the burger business, money won't be an issue for the Mayhem. The main issue for most, if not all teams, might be the refunds they have to issue. In Pensacola's care, I'll believe they'll count it like if they don't play one or both of the playoff games that are included in STH costs: they'll just apply that amount paid to the 2020-21 STH accounts. I imagine all teams will go that route unless the fan explicitly requests a refund. Depending on the nature of the team's lease, they might be on the hook for games not played but 1) I think/hope
  14. The Wolves aren't going anywhere. There is a rumor that the Blackhawks would buy then sell Rockford. I'm assuming there's some legal loophole jumping going on there otherwise Vegas could just buy the IceHogs. The IceHogs are owned by the city so perhaps there's some clause saying that the only NHL team that can franchise can be sold to is Chicago. Supposedly the Vegas AHL team will be named Henderson so it appears the AHL venue that the team will move to will be built in Henderson.
  15. Just any effort in marketing has seemed hard to come by for Kerzner teams at times. I mean their first season in Winston-Salem, a market that was just a revolving door of ACHL/SEHL/SPHL warm bodies, the Twin City Cyclones' motto for the season was something like "we're not just blowing through town." No, just ... no. Give them credit, they lasted two years, but why on earth would you reference your league's/league's predecessors past failures in the market. Also ... this logo? Wow... Credit to the Thunderbirds, they've managed to rebirth that market for A hockey but it took eight sea

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