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  1. First signing of the year Defenseman Travis Armstrong.
  2. Who you messaging? I've messaged the league plenty of times and never have got a response on anything. They must have me on the spam list since I'm always messaging them about dumb stuff the league does.
  3. Quite a few I expected to see there is missing as well. Roudebush, Ortiz, Beer, Jansen, Schultz. But didn't put Jansen or O'Brien on the lists because they weren't on it last year and made a return. Also expected Krause who was good on faceoffs for us. Never would have thought 3 guys who never played a game for us would be there unless coach has high expectations or they were the only ones coming back. Also missing my fan favorite Josh Nenadal from the list. The human wrecking ball.
  4. All I can say though is my predictions were WAY off. No way I would have guessed 3 guys who never even played a game for us would be on the list.
  5. Not sure what to think about this one. Hopefully he has some concrete agreements with some players is all I can say. 5 out of the 13 we signed to ATO contracts and played less than 3 games, while 3 of them we signed to contracts that all played for SUNY Oswego and never played in a game. Then 2 that wasn't even playing for us at the end of the season I think will probably stick in the ECHL. All I can say is it looks like we are going to have another huge turnover in players again this year. I sure hope Roudebush or Dill is coming back. It's going to suck if Theut is in ECHL and start all over
  6. I have a feeling we would have had a team in the Bahamas before we would have on in Danville. Nothing made sense about that.
  7. Just because they pay salaries doesn't mean much. They still have to pay a lease on the stadium and still pay the same people to run a team as in hockey during the offseason and if they do play they will be paying a lease on the stadium with no fans allowed to attend. Still have to pay for travel and hotels. So really no difference at all except the team pays salary which is a good thing, but when your making nothing it really don't matter how much your expenses are you're going to be unable to pay them or atleast losing money playing games without fans. I don't see hardly any, if any minor
  8. I thought you just meant make it out of this still in the league. I would guesd there is no way they return until fans are able to return. Only revenue probably would be merchandise sold and I imagine not too much merchandise probably selling without games to attend. Not going to get anything from sponsors if no one is in the arena. Unless they make money on HockeyTech showing the games. But that would just be a drop in the bucket compared to fans attending games generating ticket sales, parking, concessions, and the most likely place would be tempted to buy merchandise. It would definitely
  9. I've tried putting teams in divisions. With the current teams it's just about impossible without taking teams closest rivals out and make travel even more for some teams. North/South you put Roanoke out on an island and they lose their closest rival in Fayetteville which is around 3 1/2 hours. You also make travel worse with only Knoxville 3 hours 45 minutes only team within 8 hours away. Evansville is 8 hr 15m, Peoria is 12hr, and QC is over 13hrs. Then I said you could just make division names that has nothing to do with geography, but still pretty much comes out a bad idea. Huntsville is t
  10. That's all up to the owners. With the Salem Red Sox owned by the same people as Boston Red Sox I can't really see them going anywhere. Only thing I see is A problem would be paying the management for a whole year and no income with no games. I could see the whole league doing something if it lasts any longer than October or announced before then. Whether laying off front office staff until sports can return or what, we just will have to wait and see. Besides that, I don't know 100% but I can't see how an arena can make you pay for dates when they aren't allowed to have them anyways. But that
  11. Sad times in the world at the moment. I can't imagine losing your loved one at 25 years old. But to make it worse and not even be able to see them, except through a window and walkie talkie is heartbreaking. Thoughts with his whole family.
  12. Been looking at the games played and not much difference in status from last year. 224 games make a player a veteran which equals 4 full seasons. 1) Travis Armstrong - Veteran 264 - 173 SPHL - 91 ECHL 2) Jeff Jones - 204 - 163 SPHL - 15 ECHL - 26 France2 3) Brant Sherwood - 177 SPHL 4) Austin Daae - 174 SPHL 5) Marcus Ortiz - 171 - 138 SPHL - 33 ECHL 6) Chris Lijdsman - 155 - 88 SPHL - 15 ECHL - 23 France2 - 29 Germany3 That's the top 6 players' games played that counts for becoming a veteran. If all of the top 5 players played a full 56 game season they w
  13. Here was my predicted protected list in case you didn't see it in SPHL League board. Feel free to grill me on it, I already saw I forgot to mention Dallas Rossiter in the same way I mentioned the other players who finished in the ECHL. Guess we can play the guessing game and predict protected list: Roanoke (F) Jeff Jones (F) CJ Stubbs (F) Marcus Ortiz (F) Brant Sherwood (F) Josh Nenadal (F) Kyle Wagner (F) Ty Kraus (F) Matt Beer (F) Austin Daae (D) Travis Armstrong (D) Bryce Martin (D) Jake Schultz (G) Austyn Roudebush

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